Why do we have the best price?

(May bee, you know the plastic-rollers

made out of HDPE-Tubes.)

In deed,

my rollers, out of massive plastic
and have a better technic.

But they are also low  cost, because my
plastic is a recycling product!

If you compare the price of my rollers with

rollers made out of .steel, you will find out

the price is equal.

That you can see, that my rollers are much

better, than the steel rollers, you can get

this rollers made in a special. combination

of injection and pressing it in a form.

For the DIN-Rollers in the size:

89/20 x 200;  89/20 x 250;  SW 15x10, or SW 14x10

89/20 x 315;  89/20 x 380;  SW 15x10, or SW 14x10

Diameter 108 and 133 are in work!!!

The new production is also a much more effective!

Everywhere you can't use the steell rollers with sucess

take my Fullplast Rollers, because we are much

better! par example: for diverse Chemical Material,

Recycling-Plants, Bentonite,


in areas of Electronic etc.

133/35/30 x 465; Verstärkung durch innen-Distanzrohr

Lagerung 6306  Verstärkung durch Stahllagerhalter

4b.jpg - 60.96 Kb2b.jpg - 64.96 Kb

imgp0116.jpg - 21.32 Kb

UB-TRIPPLE-Roller with pointed rings on an extra idler for 8 -10 times live!

Heavy-duty. roller for belt-wide 2400mm (160/40 X 900) bearing 6308,

Installed in the area of a high energy, magnetic sorter.

berbandmagnet.jpg - 95.10 Kb

Idler with INOX-axles, -all other tiles are antimagnetic-plastic

- mit Spritzwasser-Gummikappe (um auch Dampfstahlern zu widerstehen)

imgp0402.jpg - 98.64 Kb