It was possible to find a special-production for my

patented  body of the rollers, 

                out of  Recycled-Massive-Plastic-bars

so that we can produce it now very inexpensive.

In the moment we have new forms for the rollers

with 89mm-Ø / beltwide 500 mm up to 1000 mm

with 108mm-Ø /beltwide 750 mm up to 1400 mm

with 133mm-Ø /beltwide 1000mm up to 2200mm and more

with 160mm-Ø /beltwide 1200mm  up to 3000mm and more

The biggest Roller/Idler we can produce, is 250mm-diam.

(with bearings 6308, 6310 and others, if you give me the seals.)

If your demand for a special-roller-dimension is higher

than 1000 rollers, please give me your request, we will work

also all other diameters, because the bars for the rollers

are massive and it is easy to give them, p.ex. 175-Ø

(We can see, if there is a way between the price of the

forms and the low cost of the idler after words.)

(This production gives me also a high capacity of the

production. This is a big step forwards for me.)

The "body of the rollers" mean, the form includes the

drill for the axle + the drill for the ball bearings with the

seales, so that you can complied the end-assembly

very easy!

In the moment the bodies of this rollers will have

the following characteristic

a) the measure for the ballbearings ist OK!

b) No corn will blocade the rollers if there is in the area

    of the forehead a corn between the rollers/flat-iron.

   The forehead is a little bit vaulted.

Don't hesitate to give me a drawing of the size of your

rollers, I will give you my best quotation in the hope

my offer is the best.

You see the following examples of rollers I have done.


13b.jpg - 65.00 Kbtripple_133-89x 720.jpg - 67.84 Kb3c.jpg - 68.27 Kb4b.jpg - 60.96 Kb3a.jpg - 62.91 Kb