Spareparts for Sreens

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Please see to the pictures! In the moment not installed!

Screen-Elements out of wire,
all div. types

PU-Plastic-Screen all dv. types

Water-Cleaning-Browsers  PU-Plastic, mit inner and outer thread (most 3/4 Zoll)

with blades for a water-curtain.

Water-Cleaning-Browsers out of brass with 3/4" inner thread

Water-Cleaning-Browsers out of Brass with 3/4" outer thread

PU-Traverses to hold down the screens

round dow´n-hold pots, also to stop the material a little bit

div. Rubber-profiles  for flat irons from 6 up to 13 mm

div. Rubber-profiles for other systems

spec. Profile for the browsing-tubes