Rollers made out of massive RY-Plastic Menu

Oekologic Adv.

The fact of my development are Rollers / Idlers made out of


They are very non-polluting in several kind.

a) you save the resource iron-mineral + transport !

b) you save the energie + CO2 because we havn't cooking the steel!

c) Waste plastic-material will be a wortwhile new material.

d) You can recycel this material everytiomes new.

e) You save many tonns of  CO2  (in case of  a) + b).

f) In case of the less noisy rollers the conveyors run with -15dBa!

g) You need in case of my better rollers less service-control.

                        The innovation TRIPPLE-Returnbelt-Rollers!

letzten_6.jpg - 245.98 Kb

                                                                                                            Low noise =  minus 15dBa !

                       Roller nowdays running longer than 4 years.

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